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This is a VFC SIG MCX/M13 gameplay @ Predatorland Airsoft open cqb game. Enjoy the gameplay! My loadout : VFC MCX 330 fps (M100 spring) KJW KP06 270 fps (yellow gas) Location : Predatorland Airsoft, Bella Terra Mall

This is a vfc sig mcx (m13) gameplay in Predatorland Airsoft, Indonesia. It shoots 330 fps with 0.2 gr bbs with M100 spring. Enjoy the gameplay

This is a Spring TM (Tokyo Marui) H&K Mk/Mark 23 spring airsoft pistol gameplay. It is a 1 vs 1 spring airsoft battle with an upgraded dcobra p788(shoots around 240 fps). This Mk 23 only shoots at about 200 fps with 0,2 gram bbs. Enjoy this airsoft gameplay video!


Hi Guys, this is a gameplay video of sig air mcx virtus aeg (airsoft electric gun) with an avalon v2 gearbox). The game mode is a frontline 2 vs 1 with respawn. I didn't put any optic, red dot, or a scope in my aeg.