BERGET 16 - Part 07 - Tank Assault - Swedish 66h MILSIM


BERGET 16 - Part 07 - Tank Assault,

Friday evening and we have been in the game for about 48h. It's time for a big mission.
We had big fights all around the map and those fights were leading up to this moment.

The enemy forces were going to attack our base with full force. Including tanks, vehicles and infantry.

Because of some good planning from some officers and with the intel of 4 Finnish players, we were prepared for whatever they were going to throw at us.

Big fights like this are a joy but also with a lot of people things might go wrong. During the fight a player was hit badly and we had to stop the game. It's pretty nice to see that when the game goes OFFGAME, everyone stops and help the people that need help. When that is fixed, we continue with the game where we left off.

This is a fight that will be remembered for a long time. Our AT4 gunners did an amazing job on playing a game of 'whac a 'mole' with the tanks.

Enjoy the video!

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