This is a tutorial on how to maintain your airsoftgun by cleaning the inner barrel. The tools and the materials are : cleaning rod, a piece of small cloth, silicone oil, and the airsoft itself. Follow the steps to remove dirt inside your inner barrel and makes your airsoft lasts longer.

Types of Airsoft,

Airsoft changed a lot in the last few years. New types started to pop up, even sub types of types popped up. Today it's chaos to find your way into airsoft. Yes, it's still called airsoft but is it still the same thing?

Introducing Airsoft United. Escape Facebook!



A guide to camping kit, in case you have to stay out all weekend or are at a big event, or you just want a few quiet days away camping.

In this video, we identify and explain common marketing terms used in airsoft in order to clear up confusion that can be caused by them.