2021 April

Update April 2021

Users of Airsoft United,

One month after the international release we have seen the platform grow in different countries and we were able to fix some small issues. Because of the feedback we get from you, we are able to improve and update. We want to thank you for giving that feedback.

In this update letter we want to give you every update or change that we did. We will also take some time to explain what new features have been added. The updates and changes are split in different categories.

We want to provide this update letter to you, so you can follow all the updates.

Find out here below,



Updated website core
Updated new logo (BE flag to World)
Updated Fav Icon to World
Registered www.airsoft-united.com
Website moved from airsoftunited.be to airsoft-united.com
Updated SSL certificate
Updated HTTP to HTTPS redirect
Updated website core
Updated sponsor picture
Updated Facebook logo and link
Updated recaptcha
Updated sponsor block to count clicks
Updated URL alias, random number does not change after edit
Added discord link + icon
Fixed Discord link, only one link was working


Added ‘hover over’ help boxes in Navigation menu
Added other languages (German and Czech)
Fixed menu translation


Updated ‘new items’ with teasers instead of text
Created homepage for ‘non logged in’ users with information
Removed banner for more space for content
Updated layout ‘New Content’
Added ‘Save Airsoft Canada’ banner


Disabled the ‘Help’ page. Instruction were in dutch
Added 5 info videos (Add Airsofter, Brand, Team, Discount code and Organizer)



Users can add 3 personal pictures
Updated User layout
Fixed, ‘File could not found’ error
Updated, Hide empty table titles on profile
Fixed, not able to choose an earlier date for ‘airsoft startdate’
Updated, user data fields switched to ‘Airsofter’ profile
Added ‘My content’ to user menu. Published or not
Fixed ‘Uploading profile picture’ error
Updated ‘My events’
Fixed, Team select widget closes after submit.
Changed ‘User Account’ to ‘My Account’
Changed discounts from ‘User’ to ‘Airsofter’ profile
Updated ‘Location list’, show image, not teaser


Changed layout for Organizers
Added social media to Organizers profile
Changed ‘Organisation’ to ‘Event organizer’
Updated “Event Organisation’
Updated, Organizers can add ‘Locations’



Changed brands from in ‘Reviews’ to menu item.
Fixed, brands were not listed for non admin users
Updated review breadcrumb
Updated View title


Changed ‘Media’ menu tab to ‘Content’
Updated ‘Content’ parent page with all content

Discount codes

Added player name to the discount list on the shop page
Fixed, automatic close shop form after clicking submit
Added ‘help information’ while adding a discount code
Updated URL for discount codes
Updated discount layout
Changed ‘code’ to ‘title’ & removed ‘code’ field
Updated existing codes
Discounts codes are live


Added country selection on event page & calendar view
Changed layout for skirm (event)
Deleted all events in database
Updated ‘Event’ ‘Date field’ to ISO format
Updated ‘Skirm’ to ‘Event’
Updated menu title ‘add event’ instead of ‘event’
Changed FPS to Joule
Added joule fields for more types
Updated calendar, showing all events.
Updated filtering on list view and calendar
Added filtering on country
Fixed, showing only future events
Fixed, mini calendar was not showing events
Fixed, Calendar view ‘click here’ redirect not working
Removed ‘week view’ because of big in the module
Added ‘Event Type’ filter option
Added ‘Location type’ filter option
Added ‘amount of players’ field
Added ‘Amount of players’ filter option
Updated font with more special characters for other languages

Event Team

Fixed, the events were not showing
Updated registration type from ‘payment pending’ to ‘Registered’


Updated layout & fill in form


Changed upload dimensions Location pictures
Changed ‘terrain’ to ‘location in events table
Added ‘location’ type, Speedsoft
Updated layout for the location list
Updated breadcrumbs
Updated, Locations can now be edited by the author
Fixed ‘Upcoming Events’, was not showing


Updated map view. It was set to Belgium. Most of Europe is visible now.


Added 2 new types for ‘unboxing’ and ‘tech’
Changed type & Category selection, multiple options are possible now
Added reset button to clear filters
Updated help text when uploading Media
Changed ‘Reviews’ to ‘Media’
Updated taxonomies (tags)
Updated all categories for existing media
Deleted old category field
Deleted language selection for media
Updated all menus from ‘Review/tutorial/vlog’ to ‘Media’
Added filter on ‘model name’
Updated to make it possible to choose multiple brands
Updated breadcrumbs
Deleted old content pages
Fixed, ‘Model’ search not working
Fixed ‘blank’ in categories to – Select a value - & - Other -


Changed size of uploaded shop pictures
Added ‘shop information’ title on shop page
Updated breadcrumbs


Updated Team Layout
Team member list changed from 10 to 20 members visible
Updated, team unpublished and send to moderators


Features ‘Needs Review’ (Done)

(Option for users to give feedback about content)
Added ‘Needs Review’ to brands
Added ‘Claim ownership’
Finished and ready for testing
Added textbox for ‘other’ category
Added checkbox to receive email when Review is done
Added ‘Claim ownership’ to the category list
Testing complete

Feature ‘Choose favorite Location’ (In BETA)

(Add option to choose favorite location and link it)
Added option in Teams
Added option in Airsofter profile
Added option in Organizer profile
Added list in Team Page
Added list in Airsofter profile
Added list in Organizer profile
Added Organizer list in Location
Added Teams list in Location

Feature ‘Language Selection’ (In BETA)

(Option to select language of Media and Gameplay & Filter option)
Added language selection in Media
Added language selection in Gameplay
Updated Terms and Conditions with information
Added language filter in Media
Added language filter in Gameplay



Updated facebookname & URL
Updated Facebook logo & description
Updated Facebook profile picture
Deleted automatic facebook posts


Hide empty table titles on all pages
Updated teaser size image
Added mailing when people add content
Updated add Ajax on all list while filtering
Changed ‘sending emails’ to ‘show message on site’
Updated all lists with ‘apply’ and ‘reset’ button
Removed GDPR checkbox from ‘non personal data’ content
Created open Discord https://discord.gg/y6h3VKptm5
Updated Terms and Conditions with website language info