Ares Alpha App - Smart Watches - Airsoft Tracker App


Ares Alpha App - Smart Watches,

In the third video about the Ares Alpha App, we go over the use of smart watches and bands with the App. Using a smart device has a lot of advantages when using the app.

Ares Alpha App is a tracker app that can be used during airsoft games.

In this video I go over Why it's useful to use it, What devices you can use, How to set it up and I'll give you a short demo.

My setup:
Android phone + Mii band 5

Other setups: (if you tested this, let me know so we can add this to the list)

More info about Ares Alpha App:

Enjoy the video.

00:00 Intro
01:15 Why use it
02:36 What devices
03:24 How to set it up
07:15 Demo
09:27 Outro

More information
Beta testing!