SSS II E-trigger│Self-diagnosis Function Instruction Manua


If the product is operating correctly, it is not necessary to run self-diagnostics.
00:07 How to activate the Self-diagnosis Function
01:08 【Battery Voltage Check】→Orange LED will blink: voltage normal
01:17 【Battery Voltage Check】→Red LED will glow: voltage low
01:22 【Trigger Assembly Check】→Release the trigger in 3 sec., and Green LED will glow for 2 sec.
01:34 【Fire Selector Check】→Turn the fire selector to every positions(within 10 sec.)
01:47 【Gearbox Functioning Test】 Orange LED will glow (Warning!! The gears will start to rotate once)
01:57 Test Report Red LED blinking→ Gears, motor-related abnormality Orange LED blinking: Trigger switch abnormality Orange LED glowing: Fire selector assembly abnormality
02:10 Green LED glow→ok

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SSS II E-trigger
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