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ICS AK74U - One Year Later,

This ICS little beast has been my main rifle for a year. It has been on small day events but it also went with me to big games like Berget and Bellum. And boy o boy, this little rifle did a perfect job.

This AK74SU is one of the older models that ICS but it's still perfect. There is no mosfet, not ETU or ECU. It's back to basics. I ran a 7,4V lipo in it and it kept on going.

I did not had to change a lot on it, well maybe some kind of hopup up thing because of something melting...

In this video I go over all the things I noticed while using this for a year. I also talk about the things I changed and things I might change in the future.

This video is an older video that I recorded in 2020. I'm bringing all my videos together on this channel.

Enjoy the video!

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