Push Unite - Full face mask - Why I bought this?


Push Unite - Full face mask,

You know that I like to get close to my target, that I like to give it a push (éééh). That makes that I get close to the barrel of the other guy. To protect myself a bit more I'm trying out this full face mask.

During my years of airsoft, I tried a lot of different types of masks and glasses. I tried to find a thing that works in all situations. But that's a hard find. The next thing I want to try is a full face 'paintball' mask to see how I like it.

The mask had to have a lot of boxes checked before I would consider buying it. I'm new into the world of those masks so I had to do a lot of research. While doing research I found out even more stuff to consider.

In this video I will give you the reasons why I bought the Push Unite mask and what my first impressions are.

Enjoy the video.

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Push Unite
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