Shop Information: has started in 2007 in the Netherlands.


The Dutch military buys its equipment, that certainly had to Battle and huffter proof.
Such as, Vests, chestrigs, gun holsters, knee protectors, shoes, all kinds of modular bags, and more.


Not only the Dutch military bought equipment  at, similarly: airsofters, hunters, police, special forces, journalism, security guards in different sectors, people in the outdoor industry,etc ..    All over the world.


This makes itself further specialized in certain equipment and vehicles, including a good warranty and service provided.


With good service, advice, logistical support and cooperation is  increased in the security world and outdoor. also makes hard for the environment and the animal, by participating in projects such as anti poaching, use solar energy, Betalight lighting, electric vehicles, etc. ..

Together with other partners, can also further support in fulfilling security assignments, training, advice and set up different projects.

Phone number: 
+32 (0) 6 19 83 73 04
Het Gilde 86
6932GJ Westervoort